Project: Coelacanth

At about 1,186 feet deep, the project aimed to drill development wells to tap into proven oil zones that were previously discovered but not previously produced.

A Deep Sea Victory

The Coelacanth platform remains in the spotlight, breaking records in offshore projects, as it solidifies its place in history as the third-tallest fixed platform in the Gulf of Mexico. 

  • Client: Walter Oil & Gas
  • Location: Ewing Bank 834
  • Water depth: 1,196'
  • Gas throughput capacity: 60 MMSCFD
  • Oil throughput capacity: 30,000 BOPD
  • Pipeline sizes and lengths: 10" Gas 60,192', 10" Oil 60,197' 
We are very excited about the Coelacanth project. Technological advancements in the Gulf of Mexico continue to enable the discovery and development of new resources to the benefit of all stakeholders, including the public, the U.S. Government and our shareholders.

Ron A. Wilson, President and CEO of Walter Oil & Gas

Technology and Relationships Drive Success

Dive into the latest results and statistics by exploring the intersection of efficiency, advanced technology, and geology.


The schedule was met thanks to a skilled team and strong vendor relationships.

Advanced Technology

Breakthrough technology led exploration to drill deep into geopressured zones beyond known sands.

Practical Engineering

Pinnacle provided facility and pipeline engineering to overcome previously formidable geological obstacles.

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Triumph in Geology, Commerce, and Engineering

According to Jim Looke, Vice President of drilling and production operations for Walter, the:

EW 834 Coelacanth project, despite significant obstacles, is a geologic, commercial and engineering success story, which will have a meaningful impact for years to come.


In The News: Coelacanth Raises the Bar

Discover the challenges and triumphs of the Coelacanth project, from overcoming time constraints to embracing cutting-edge technology. Regarded as a triumph in the oil and gas industry, the Coelacanth platform stands as a testament to teamwork and is poised for long-term success.

The land platform being built for Coelacanth

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Technology, Relationships Deliver Success at Coelacanth

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The tower of the Coelacanth project being built

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