Our extensive and multi-disciplinary expertise in offshore engineering provides you with original and objective solutions that support your oil and gas developments — from inception to completion. Learn more.
For over 20 years, we’ve provided clients with assurance through integrity, professionalism and independent advice.
We understand the importance of managing costs, risks and schedules — that’s why our focus has always been on helping you make the best investment possible. Our team of professionals is committed to partnering with you from the very beginning to develop a carefully detailed and well thought-out project plan that adds value to your bottom line.

By applying this innovative and unbiased approach to every project — regardless of scope or size — we’ve established ourselves as a valued partner for Gulf of Mexico operators and a trusted resource for economical offshore engineering solutions.

We are proud to offer a comprehensive portfolio of engineering, management and inspection services for the offshore oil and gas industry:

Interrelated Disciplines

  • Structural
  • Facilities
  • Decommissioning & Abandonment
  • Subsea Developments
  • Pipelines

Project & Construction Management

  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Fabrication & Installation
  • Design & Drafting Packages
  • Procurement
  • Commissioning/Decommissioning
  • Regulatory & Inspection Services

Our engineering and management professionals’ experience is both vast and varied. It includes:

  • Overseeing the execution of complex, large-scale jobs over $100 million
  • Subsea pipeline developments in depths over 3300'
  • Design of production facilities with throughput capacities of 30,000 BOPD and 200 MMscfd


After our structural group has completed three-dimensional MultiSTEEL project models, our facilities engineers use that information to facilitate the location of production equipment and process piping on each deck.

Notable facilities projects include:


Our structural design and analysis services for fixed offshore structures and subsea assemblies include pipeline end terminals, templates and electrical flying lead skids. We also provide comprehensive engineering support for fabrication, loadout, transportation, installation and removal of offshore platforms in addition to in-service conditions.

In order to protect your business and investment, we thoroughly assess and monitor the potential for seismic activity utilizing the SACS structural software package, which enables us to perform inplace, fatigue, earthquake, impact, transportation and collapse analysis. Other engineering software includes GRLWEAP for pile drivability studies and MathCAD.

In addition, we use MultiSTEEL to develop highly detailed three-dimensional models of every project. This allows us to then develop comprehensive structural fabrication drawings in AutoCAD.

Notable structural projects include:

Subsea Developments

We've designed over 200 offshore subsea developments throughout the Gulf of Mexico in depths over 3300'.

Notable subsea developments include:


As a vital and fundamental component of every operation, we also offer pipeline engineering support.

This includes:

  • Consulting
  • Planning and design
  • Project management

We’ve coordinated the decommissioning of over 75 platforms and associated pipelines, with our first removals and abandonments occurring in 1994. From end-of-field-life determination to clearance or re-use, our project management team is ready to assist with every phase of the decommissioning process:

  • Thoroughly assess your specific decommissioning needs
  • Develop AFE cost estimates
  • Prepare and submit permitting to ensure regulatory compliance on all levels
  • Develop a tailored procedure, plan and schedule

Additionally, our on-site inspection services enable us to:

  • Assist with topside preparation, pipeline abandonments and platform removals and/or jacket reefing
  • Manage site clearance verification via trawling or sonar
  • Assist with refurbishment and/or reinstallation

Notable decommissioning projects include:

ST 316 “A”
Location: South Timbalier, Offshore Louisiana
Gas throughput capacity: 80 MMcfd
Oil throughput capacity: 24,000 BOPD
SS 189 “B”
Location: Ship Shoal, Offshore Louisiana
Gas throughput capacity: 100 MMscfd
Condensate throughput capacity: 3,000 BCPD
ST 316 “A”
Location: South Timbalier, Offshore Louisiana
Water depth: 450’
Overview: 4-pile drilling and oil production platform
Jacket weight: 2793 S.T.
Piling weight: 2053 S.T.
Deck weight: 945 S.T.
WC 661 “A”
Location: West Cameron, Offshore Louisiana
Water depth: 484’
General description: 4-pile drilling and oil production platform
Jacket weight: 2969 S.T.
Piling weight: 1944 S.T.
Deck weight: 897 S.T.
MC 547 / 503
Location: Mississippi Canyon
Water depth: 3,050’
Flowline size: Two dual-insulated 6”, 10,000’ piggable systems
Length: 13,000’ and 16,000’ offsets
GC 338 #9
Location: Green Canyon, Offshore Louisiana
Water depth: 3,300’
Flowline size: 4” with flexible riser
Length: 7,802’
ST 260
Overview: Gas production platform, decommissioning and removal.
Location: South Timbalier, Offshore Louisiana
Water depth: 303’
Jacket weight with piles: 748 S.T.
Deck: 240 S.T.
EI 390 “A”
Overview: During Hurricane Ike, the platform deck was severed from the jacket and later salvaged from the sea floor.
Location: Eugene Island, Offshore Louisiana
Water depth: 385’
Jacket weight with piles: 705 S.T.
Deck: 300 S.T.
About Us
Since 1993, Pinnacle has remained focused on providing practical and complete engineering services to the offshore oil and gas industry.
Under the leadership of principals Jeff Liggett and Terry Townend, the firm built a solid reputation for providing economical and outside of the box solutions that get the job done on time and within budget. This innovative approach, investment in building strong, tenured relationships and full-service, multi-disciplined capabilities, have established Pinnacle as a premier Gulf of Mexico engineering partner. Pinnacle Engineering is a privately held registered engineering firm in the state of Texas and an active member of ISNetworld.
Jeff Liggett

Jeff Liggett has been with Pinnacle Engineering since its inception in 1993 and oversees the firm’s project management, construction management and decomissioning services.

He began his professional career as a structural engineer and has served as Manager of Structural Engineering at several engineering firms in the offshore oil and gas industry.

Jeff received a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois in 1976 and is a registered professional engineer.

You may email Jeff Liggett at jeffl@pinnacleengr.com.

Terry Townend
Vice President

Terry Townend joined Pinnacle Engineering in 1993 and oversees the pipeline and subsea development groups, the latter of which has completed over 100 subsea tie-backs during his tenure. Additionally, he has managed some of the firm’s most significant projects like the ST 316 drilling and production platform engineering, fabrication and installation. After graduating from Texas A&M University in 1988 with a BS in Civil Engineering, he began his career with CBI where he completed its construction-training program, and subsequently worked as a field engineer and assistant project manager at a project management firm.

Outside of Pinnacle, Terry is actively involved in the Boy Scouts of America serving as an Assistant Scout Master with Troop 641.

You may email Terry Townend at terryt@pinnacleengr.com.

Pete Cruz
Manager of Pipeline Engineering and Subsea Development

Pete Cruz began his career with Pinnacle Engineering in 2000 as a subsea and pipeline engineer. Today, he manages the firm’s subsea field developments, which includes development planning, permitting, procurement, contracting, installation, topside processing, design and project management.

Prior to joining Pinnacle, he worked in various offshore capacities with several local firms. His experience includes working as a cementing engineer with Schlumberger, a structural platform design engineer for PetroMarine Engineering, an installation field engineer with J. Ray McDermott’s heavy lift marine division, and most recently, a construction consultant with Lowe Offshore International.

Pete holds a BS in Ocean Engineering from Texas A&M University, is a registered professional engineer and is fluent in Spanish.

You mail email Pete Cruz at petec@pinnacleengr.com